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Backstage Talk, hosted by Colombian performing artist Martín Acuña, features the voices of those entertainment professionals who are backstage, not under the spotlight. We amplify those who create the shows we love: ensemble and company performers, producers, teachers, writers, stage managers, directors, and more, while also trying to bridge the gap between Colombia’s Musical Theatre Industry and Broadway.

Made by someone who lives and breathes Musical Theatre, this podcast untangles what someone needs and what it takes to get to Broadway.

New episodes are released every Thursday!

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Episode #91: Kristin Stokes ⚡️

Episode #91: Kristin Stokes ⚡️

We are back, celebrating our 3rd Anniversary with one of the sweetest human beings we've ever met: Kristin Stokes! 🤩 Kristin was on Broadway with The Lightning Thief a couple of years ago and her journey is one we absolutely loved. ⚡️ Her role as Annabeth Chase in ...
Episodio #90: Sergio Trujillo ✨ - Español

Episodio #90: Sergio Trujillo ✨ – Español

¡Bienvenidos al cierre de temporada del Especial de Latinos en Teatro Musical! 👏🏻 Esta semana tenemos el honor de entrevistar a uno de nuestros ídolos: ¡el increíble Sergio Trujillo! 🔥 Sergio ...
Episode #90: Sergio Trujillo ✨ - English

Episode #90: Sergio Trujillo ✨ – English

Welcome to the Latinx in Musical Theatre Special Finale! 👏🏻 This week we are honored to interview one of our all-time idols: the incredible Sergio Trujillo! 🔥 Sergio is a Tony Award-winning director, ...
Episode #89: Luis Salgado 🇵🇷 - English

Episode #89: Luis Salgado 🇵🇷 – English

Luis Salgado is a Musical Theatre Director, Choreographer, and Performer that also has a heart for Philanthropy. 🔥 Through his art he has always had the Latinx banner, lifting up the work of our people ...
Episodio #89: Luis Salgado 🇵🇷 - Español

Episodio #89: Luis Salgado 🇵🇷 – Español

Luis Salgado es un Director, Coreógrafo y Actor de Teatro Musical que también tiene un corazón por la Filantropía. 🔥 Através del arte, Luis siempre ha tenido en alto la bandera Latina, impulsando ...
Episode #89: Gaby Diaz 💃🏻 - English

Episode #89: Gaby Diaz 💃🏻 – English

Gaby Diaz is a renowned dancer that is dipping her toes in Musical Theatre! 👏🏻 With a long background in dancing and after working in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story remake, Gaby is now in New ...


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