Mamas Talkin Loud hosted by Cara Cooper & Jessica Rush

Mamas Talkin’ Loud


In year four of sharing a dressing room at Broadway’s Jersey Boys, hosts Cara Cooper and Jessica Rush found themselves in uncharted territory, juggling motherhood and eight shows a week. Knowing they weren’t alone in the struggle, they founded a support group for mothers in the business of show, called Broadway Baby Mamas. Join Cara and Jessica as they discuss in depth the usually funny, always emotional and very frank comedy and tragedy of motherhood with today’s great mamas of Broadway and beyond. Make sure to find out more information about them and the podcast via

Produced by Alan Seales and Dori Berinstein and Broadway Podcast Network.

Music by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Bobby Lopez and Justin Ward Weber.

Graphic by Rachel Spencer Hewitt.


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Mama's Talkin' Loud - #52 - Mandy Gonzalez, "Fearless"

#52 – Mandy Gonzalez, “Fearless”

Star of Hamilton and breast cancer survivor, Mandy Gonzalez shares her journey through a diagnosis, the decision to go public with the news, and enduring chemotherapy during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. Even when faced with the most difficult situation, she never lost sight of the light, ...
Mama's Talkin' Loud - #51 - Kelli O'Hara

#51 – Kelli O’Hara, Say, For the World to Hear

Tony Award winner, Kelli O’Hara joins us to kick off 2021 with a healthy dose of positivity and purpose. Now a mother of two, she faced her onstage pregnancies, performing postpartum and being a working artist mother with the same joy and passion she brings to all her ...
Mama's Talkin' Loud - #50 - Betsy Wolfe, Saying Yes After Baby

#50 – Betsy Wolfe, Saying Yes After Baby

Becoming a mother for the first time during a global pandemic means readjusting your vision of what your journey will be. This week’s guest, Betsy Wolfe, shares not only what it has meant to have a newborn in the midst of COVID-19, but also how she has advocated ...
Mama's Talkin' Loud - BONUS-Katie Webber, Pandemic Recipe for Success

BONUS-Katie Webber, Pandemic Recipe for Success

Following her journey thru COVID at the beginning of the Broadway shutdown, Katie Webber, like many in our industry, made a Pandemic Pivot. Using her knowledge as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and her love for simple, healthy and delicious food, she turned lemons into lemon water 😉 and ...
Mama's Talkin' Loud - #49 - De'Adre Aziza & Jennifer Sanchez, From Cradle to College

#49 – De’Adre Aziza & Jennifer Sanchez, From Cradle to College…as Single Moms in Showbusiness

The superhuman powers of this week’s guests are awe-inspiring. Tony award nominee De’Adre Aziza and Broadway regular Jennifer Sanchez join us to share their journeys as single mothers in show business. From hustling to get their first break with toddlers in tow, to experiencing empty nest after their ...
Mama's Talkin' Loud - #48 - Sara Jean Ford & Ellyn Marie Marsh, Compromise and Co-Parenting

#48 – Sara Jean Ford & Ellyn Marie Marsh, Compromise and Co-Parenting

Balancing your child’s needs with your own is one of the hardest parts of motherhood - add separation, divorce and co-parenting to the mix and it only magnifies this challenge. Sara Jean Ford and Ellyn Marie Marsh join us to share their journeys through it all: the power ...

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