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In year four of sharing a dressing room at Broadway’s Jersey Boys, hosts Cara Cooper and Jessica Rush found themselves in uncharted territory, juggling motherhood and eight shows a week. Knowing they weren’t alone in the struggle, they founded a support group for mothers in the business of show, called Broadway Baby Mamas. Join Cara and Jessica as they discuss in depth the usually funny, always emotional and very frank comedy and tragedy of motherhood with today’s great mamas of Broadway and beyond. Make sure to find out more information about them and the podcast via

Produced by Alan Seales and Dori Berinstein and Broadway Podcast Network.

Music by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Bobby Lopez and Justin Ward Weber.

Graphic by Rachel Spencer Hewitt.


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#82 - Kitt Shapiro, A Mother's Legacy

#82 – Kitt Shapiro, A Mother’s Legacy

Kitt Shapiro is the daughter of icon, legend, feminist, activist and sex symbol Eartha Kitt and joins co-host Jessica Rush for a special ‘Santa Baby’ holiday episode. After meeting while Jess was on ...
#81 - Faith Salie, "In Pursuit of Purpose"

#81 – Faith Salie, “In Pursuit of Purpose”

Faith Salie is an Emmy award winning journalist, radio host, podcaster, writer, and actress, proving time and again there is nothing she can’t do. She joins Cara and Jess today amidst the run of her ...
#80 - Elizabeth Stanley, Stay Open Stay Curious - Part 2

#80 – Elizabeth Stanley, Stay Open Stay Curious – Part 2

The last time we spoke with Elizabeth Stanley, she was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby girl. Continuing our Returning Reborn series, this mama joins us with her sweet babe now in her arms. From ...
#79 - Jessica Rush, The Journey Back

#79 – Jessica Rush, The Journey Back

In an unexpected turn of events, co-host Jessica Rush takes the hot seat, sharing her journey back to Broadway post pandemic as part of our "Returning Reborn: The Rebirth of the Broadway Mom" series. Navigating ...
#78 - Cortney Wolfson, Fired For Being Pregnant

#78 – Cortney Wolfson, Fired For Being Pregnant

Breaking her three year silence over her discrimination and eventual termination from her starring r ...
#77 - Pearl Sun, Be Gentle

#77 – Pearl Sun, Be Gentle

One of the very first guests on Mamas Talkin' Loud, Pearl Sun, rejoined Cara and Jess a month ago to ...


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