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Hosted by Matt Rodin, The Come Up holds space for honest conversations about the reality of being a growing artist in the entertainment industry today. The myth of “making it” tells us that our happiness and fulfillment is dependent on a specific outcome when the truth is that there is no moment of arrival – the journey is never ending. This podcast will serve as an archive of individual perspectives and a source of inspiration for anyone navigating their own creative path. It’s an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going.



The Come Up Hosted by Matt Rodin with guest Ross Baum

Ross Baum

Ross Baum is a lot of things. He’s a composer, arranger, producer, vocal coach, and a performer and does ALL of those incredibly well. The reason why I wanted to sit down with him NOW is because the new musical Gun+Powder, which he wrote the music for, began ...
The Come Up Episode 4 Melissa Rose Hirsch

Melissa Rose Hirsch

It's hard for me to put into words what this conversation means to me. This truly is an insight into the way that Melissa and I communicate with one another on a daily basis. Having a friend who's as vulnerable, truthful, and compassionate as Melissa, gives me the ...
The Come Up Podcast Guest Alex Wyse

Alex Wyse

I met Alex Wyse 3 or 4 years ago after an event and we became quick friends. Aside from being hilarious, he has such a wealth of experience and the perspective he’s gained from all the work he’s done is so informative and, I think, helpful for anyone ...
The Come Up hosted by Matt Rodin - guest Alexis Scheer

Alexis Scheer

A conversation with playwright of Our Dear Dead Drug Lord and producing artistic director of Off The Grid Theatre Company: Alexis Scheer ...
The Come Up hosted by Matt Rodin - guest Ben Holtzman

Ben Holtzman

Ben Holtzman is a producer, director, teacher and was the assistant to the prince of Broadway himself, Hal Prince. After studying musical theater in college and touring the world with Beauty and the Beast, Ben began his transition to another side of the business ...
An Introduction

An Introduction

Welcome to THE COME UP - a podcast that holds space for honest conversations about the reality of what it means to be a growing artist in entertainment industry today.  ...


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